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August 12th, 2016




Featured Open Houses



223 Columbus Drive Fall River, MA. 02720



Saturday, 08/13/16
12 - 1 PM




RE/MAX Right Choice






Lot 3 Ridge Street Berkley, MA 02779



Sunday, 08/14/16
11AM - 3 PM




Pierces Point Estates







2055 S Main St Fall River, MA 02724


Saturday, 8/13/16
12 - 2 PM

Sunday, 8/14/16
11 AM - 2 PM


Ponte & Associates





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Home of the Week


Lanagan & Co. Inc.

4 Beds - 1.5 Baths

227 Orchard Street, New Bedford, MA 02740


Built in 1910 this beautiful and charming Queen Anne Style home has four bedrooms and 1.5 bathrooms. This home is embellished with a round tower and has some alluring features including hardwood floors, original woodwork, moldings and doors. There is a formal dining room, double parlor, and kitchen with a pantry. On the second floor, there is even an enclosed floor sleeping porch! Take a walk up to the third floor to find two finished rooms. Read More



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August 12th, 2016