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July 15th, 2016




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1342 Locust St Fall River, MA 02723


Saturday, 07/15/16
1 - 3 PM


Ponte & Associates






530 Chace St Somerset, MA. 02726


Saturday, 07/15/16
12 - 1 PM


RE/MAX Right Choice






151 Henry St Fall River, MA. 02721


Saturday, 07/16/16
12 - 1 PM


RE/MAX Right Choice




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Featured Blogs


Smart Home Products


The modern “smart home” is still learning, and everyone is talking about the connected home. Smart home technology is becoming the new norm. With the tech world rushing to make everything internet connected, the home appears to be the area with the most potential for change [...]



5 Things to Focus on for your Next Bathroom Makeover


When updating a house bathrooms are often overlooked and not seen as a top priority. We at New England Home Life believe that the bathroom should be treated as a sanctuary, like a private getaway within your house. So how does one go about creating this escape?




5 Tips for Remodeling your Kitchen


The kitchen is often referred to as the heart of the home. It is where meals are prepared, breakfast is shared, kids do their homework, etc. It is a space that gets a lot of traffic through it and therefore you want to be proud of this room. Here are some tips to create the kitchen of your dreams.



Marc Walz, Washington Trust Mortgage Company


Marc Walz of Washington Trust Mortgage Company has over 25 years of banking and credit experience and is devoted to helping people with finances. Marc began his career in the mortgage industry in the late 80’s in the Boston Financial District.





July 15th, 2016